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He was born  in a Hungarian small town, called Tata in this year.


Thanks to his musical interest he enrolls the local music school specialized for brass at the age of ten, where he studies trumpet, compulsory piano lessons and high of priority             musical theory.


He attend a tour in Holland with the 52 members of the local music school. The following 6-8 years he achives several significant musical results with his wind and chamber    orchestra, and he starts more national and local competition in solo.

1995 - 1999

He attends an academic grammar school, and he deals with the instrumental music continuous this time, but besides to the trumpet he plays the tenortrumpet in bands.


He falls in love with  playing the guitar in the musical camp next to a campfire and decides to start learning this noble instrument in self educated. At first classic, after that, electric    guitar.


He realizes, that it is indispensable important to learn the musical instrument from teacher, therfore he enrolls to renowned teachers like Anand Mahangoe, Szekeres Tamás         (OMEGA), Alapi István (EDDA) to learn guitar.


He founds his first rock band called Infinite Silence, which he fills in solo guitarist position. Several concerts with a big success were given under 3 of their year existences,     and      they gain an extra fee at a national rock band talent scout.


The band published its first record, and the big publishing companies show very big interest.


The band breaks up because of a privacy crisis, and Iosiss turns away from the music. 2 years of hush follows.


Max Demand musical producer/dj sees he about a common project, which sights his fusion of the electronic music and the classical guitar. Iosiss' exercise was to record a guitar melody onto an existing musical basis. Their common song, the title of which Sabine is, achived a big success on the Spanish ranklist. Thanks to this,  he returns to the music and      decided that he creates an own musical project under a fancy name IOSISS and writes musics, which he permorms for the audience not with the band, but than DJ. He returns to         his brass band this year, like following member.



The brass band takes a part in Poland on an international brass band festival where beautiful results are achived.


He moves to London in spring of this year, where he undertakes appearances in smaller-bigger clubs, and he prepares the appearance of his first independent album, which is      expected on 2009 of his autumns according to the plans.




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